#SandyHook 7 years later…

7 years ago.

26 human beings shot dead in a mass shooting where the overwhelming response was “Never Again.”

i read that there have been 2000 mass shooting since that horrific day in Newtown.

20 of this lives mowed down were children between the ages of 6-7.

i’ve known some individuals who have fallen for and taken up the lie that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax performed by crisis actors. is there anything more delusional, filled with paranoid fear, or cruel?

if the slaughter of 20 young children didn’t shake us awake, what will?

i grieve this failure of ours as a species. we are not reflecting the sacredness of life. we do not act with humility, gratitude or respect for the gift we have been given – to breathe, to hold this fleeting incarnation with love.

i recall the Zen admonition:

This night your days will be diminished by one. Take heed – do not squander your life!

there are bright lights though. human beings who are grounded, open, filled with love, connection and a fierce compassion. i look to them. they give me courage and they show that there is reason to hope.


#TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #SandyHook #NewTown #G

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