we are life…

“We are life, and life is far vaster than this body, this concept, this mind.”


Thich Nhat Hanh

we human beings are great at labeling things and in some sense it is beneficial to do so, to have a common way of communicating about a situation, a feeling, a person, an object. naming things can also imbue them with a sense of power, with life.

however, an unfortunate problem arises out of this. once we name something, or label a situation or a person, all of a sudden we think we know all there is to know about it. story done, the end. signed, sealed, delivered – it’s ours! in some sense, we do take ownership or possession of things, situations, and people once we name or label them and we think – yes, this is the truth!

but it isn’t, at least not completely. in thinking we know all there is about something, a situation, an object, or a person we are no longer allowing things, situations, objects, and people to be fully what they are or ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow.

it is important to keep a sense of mystery, of humility, of open-heartedness toward all of life.


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