building peace in the world begins with building peace within our own hearts.

here are some words from Pema Chödrön in honor of yesterday’s World Peace Day – International Day of Peace:

“War and peace start in the hearts of individuals…so the solutions have to come from a change of heart, from softening what is rigid in our hearts and minds…Shantideva says something along the lines of, ‘If these long-lived, ancient, aggressive patterns of mine that wellspring only of unceasing woe, that lead to my suffering as well as the suffering of others, if these patterns still find their lodging safe within my heart, how can joy and peace in this world ever be found?’…(what he is saying is) that as long as we justify our own hard-heartedness and our own self-righteousness, joy and peace will always elude us.”

*from “Practicing Peace in Times of War”

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