be the one…

take heart and take heed.

there is hope – it is found in you, it is found in me.

it is found in hearts open to empathy, in open minds, in beings tireless in their compassion and love for life.

where there is chaos, be the calm steadiness that is needed.

where there is destruction and devastation, be the healing that is needed.

where there is darkness, shine your light, in your unique and gifted way.

remember the forgotten.

stand with and for those who cannot stand on their own.

raise your voice for those without words spoken.

love those around you, stay focused, smile, and breathe.


#hope #StayWoke #MeditateAndResist #TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #LoveWins #life #light #focus #empathy #compassion #OpenHeart #OpenMind #breathe #JinpaLhaga

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