Mornië utúlië, Mornië alantië…

Mornië utúlië

(darkness has come)

Mornië alantië

(darkness has fallen)

if our hearts are open, if we can manage to stay with the suffering we see, allowing it in, so that our compassion may be awakened, then that compassion will lead us into action to end suffering.

darkness may have come and imbalance taken hold, but with the engagement of open hearts, empathy, and fierce compassion courageously put into action, this imbalance of darkness will fall and harmony can manifest.


#TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #Darkness #Light #balance #harmony #FierceCompassion #Bodhisattvas #SitDownRiseUp #EngagedBuddhism #JMWart #JinpaLhaga #MornieUtulieMornieAlantie #Tolkien

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