there is still beauty hidden within the messiness…

when we pull back from our particular misery, our particular storyline that we replay over and over when we are down in the dumps, we create some space, we open a wider view.

when we do this, we access the ability to see the beauty hidden within the messiness, the chaos, and even the pain. what is still lovely and good emerges.

and in this openness of heart, we find we have the capacity to hold all of it – the messiness, the sadness, the hurt, along with the beauty, the bliss, the healing. all of it is LIFE.

we know our suffering so well, it becomes a kind of companion on the journey. a storyline we repeat almost as a comfort simply because it is ours. over time, though, it destroys us, and hurts those around us.

when will we tire of carrying the weight of our suffering?

it takes humility, courage of heart, and practice to open to freedom, to release our suffering.


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