what now? we don’t lose hope…

for as many contacts as there were with Russia and Russian operatives, and for as many lies as there were about those meetings, it may seem surprising that the President and his campaign were found by the Mueller investigation to have not conspired. but I trust, based on his reputation, that Mueller and his team did a thorough investigation within the law.

it has always been a possibility that the President himself didn’t knowingly conspire or collude. it has always been a possibility that there are those around him who did, or that Russia sought for that, but within his narcissistic ego, he himself was not even aware of it.

i have thought the more damning part of this would be obstruction of justice. and though it seems that the Mueller investigation does not exonerate him from this, Attorney General Barr feels that there isn’t quite enough evidence beyond reasonable doubt to move forward and is leaving it in the hands of Congress.

what hasn’t changed with this new information, after two long years, is that our current President still acts with indifference and cruelty toward the marginalized, still acts with affinity and priority towards himself primarily, his family next, and then those of extreme wealth and power. what hasn’t changed is that we have a person sitting in the highest office, with a tendency toward authoritarianism. i don’t think we even have to imagine that this news today will feed his narcissism and ego, and his tendency toward authoritarianism and continued policies of indifference and cruelty toward the marginalized. why wouldn’t he feel empowered?

but I still have faith in what is good, in truth, and in the unwavering, persistent, immense strength of love and the human heart.

after the darkened night, the dawn.

after the long winter, the spring.

don’t lose hope in what is good, what is open-hearted and kind.

we press on, and the powers of light and love persist.



#TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #Bodhisattvas #EngagedBuddhist #Zen #enso #JMWart

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