if not you, who?

“…I will not dishonor

my soul with hatred,

but offer myself humbly

as a guardian of nature,

as a healer of misery,

as a messenger of wonder,

as an architect of peace.”


Diane Ackerman

there is a lot of harm and destruction at the hands of greed and abuse of power. it’s important to call it out – to name it, to shine light on it.

but it is also important, perhaps even more important to offer the antidote, to be the salve that brings healing and warmth during this winter. we can embody this warmth, this healing. we should take a long look into the mirror and ask ourselves, “if not you, who?”


#TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #healing #light #warmth #antidote #bodhisattvas #EngagedBuddhist #Zen #enso #JMWart

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