#repost of some activist art i did earlier this year in response this insane and yes immoral “wall” controversy. it is immoral to spend 5 Billion Dollars on a wall for a manufactured crisis/emergency when the facts (even the the Government’s own data) don’t support our President’s script of a crisis.

terrorists are not running over the southern border. there were 6 (as i recall) suspected terrorists who came over the southern border in 2018, not 4000. illegal drugs more often arrive by legal means (airplanes, mail) than over the southern border. and a wall won’t resolve the humanitarian crisis – abiding by international law and hearing asylum cases will, not pushing immigrants to more remote places of entry.

holding the Government’s ability to pass a budget, denying work/pay to Federal workers (which also affects businesses near and patronized by them) for some bogus crisis is also immoral.

there was a bipartisan (yes both Democrats and Republicans) that was set to pass, but it didn’t include the wall the President said Mexico would pay for…so here we are.

I wish he wasn’t given the air time, but it is what it is. my hope is that he is fact checked in real time by these networks and that people wake up and call their Representatives and Senators to pressure a bipartisan bill without the wall (but with immigration reform funding) that is veto proof.

but perhaps more than any of this, i hope people open the borders of their own hearts to see through this “othering” that the President has engaged in since he descended the stairs at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, for what it is and rise up, speak out, and engage.

#TheLongArc #NoWalls #OpenHearts #ImmigrationReform

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