a dark day…

mark this day. The President’s stunning (but not surprising) embrace of money and the Saudi alliance over human rights (and the life of Jamal Khashoggi) undermines our foundational values, our credibility, erodes human rights work and progress around the world, endangers journalists and outspoken critics of dictators and autocratic governments, while propping up and giving a little nod and wink to those same dictators and autocratic governments that we won’t hold them accountable if the deal is good enough – both nation to nation deals and personal business deals. he continues to disregard or minimize the Intelligence Community’s investigative work, in this case, their assessment that the Crown Prince had knowledge and ordered the torture, killing and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi.

all this while it is revealed the President expressed interest to his former White House Counsel that he wanted to prosecute both a former competitor (Hillary Clinton) and a critic (James Comey), something he has in common with the Saudi Crown Prince.

should we be surprised that our current President undervalues or perhaps doesn’t value human rights? not while children are still detained, away from family, in chain link confinement and tent cities.

where is our moral compass?

we need to find it as a nation, now.



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