what country do you want?

don’t get ahead of yourself. you, too, are a refugee. on this land, on this earth. only here for a short time…hopefully to do some good and learn a little about loving better and more.

don’t turn your back on your spiritual practice (if your have one). every major religion teaches to welcome the stranger and take care of your neighbor. if you practice a religion, what are you doing in your life to live this? where are the strangers, who are your neighbors?

don’t turn your back on humanity, on life. we all share this space, we bleed, we hurt, we want happiness and love.

don’t just think of short term, think of the long arc. your life will end, sooner than you hope, but hopefully not for a while yet so you can continue to grow in your love. think about your children, your children’s children and all the generations ahead. place yourself in the shoes of other people. you’re the one who is fleeing danger and harm with your children and family in tow. what would you do? you’re the one deciding between your meals for a week and the medicine you need to stay healthy or alive. what would you do, what do you need? you’re the one who has lost your job, who didn’t see life turning in such a way, the world moving forward as it has. what do you need, what do you wish for? you’re the one who survived a worship service or day at school or concert, while many around you lost their life in a horrific few minutes of machine noise and screams. what do you do, what do your fight for? you’re the one sending your child out into the world afraid and worries for them simply because their skin color is darker. what do you do with that? how do you prepare them for that? how do you protect them from that?

empathy. that is what is missing.

we cannot wait to see it from the highest offices, or from some heroes swooping in to rescue us.

we must pull it from the depths of our own hearts and call others to account – especially those in higher office.

what seeds have we planted?

actions matter, words matter. we are responsible for what we offer and the part it plays in the consequences that follow.

live simply, talk honestly, with an open heart, and an intention to bring benefit rather than harm and suffering in all of your ways.

this is what i was thinking about as i filled out my ballot. i hope you consider the same. you have a voice, you have a vote, you have a responsibility to yourself and others to use this right to create this country. don’t leave it in the hands of others without doing your part.

what country do you want?


#VOTE #TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #compassion #kindness #N

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