it’s all about power…

this isn’t that difficult.

Dr. Ford alleges Judge Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge took her to a room at a party in their youth, locked the door, put her on the bed at which point Kavanaugh held Ford down while trying to undress her. She alleges Kavanaugh covered her mouth with his hand to muffle her screams, and the music was turned up in volume for the same purpose. she then broke free.

the allegation has been corroborated by both individual and couples’ therapy notes, which were corroborated by Ford’s husband. a classmate of Ford’s at the time has also came out recalling talk and rumors of the incident at the time. Ford submitted and passed a lie detector test.

Kavanaugh and Judge for their parts vehemently deny the allegation, saying it couldn’t have happened. it should be noted, however that Judge recalls incidents of he and Kavanaugh partying and over drinking until drunk, in his book.

so why not have an FBI investigation? to get to the facts and truth. maybe it was mistaken identity, maybe it wasn’t.

it doesn’t matter how old the claim is or that it has just come to light. please please don’t chalk up aggressive, violent (yes holding someone down and covering their mouth is violence) behavior as “youthful indiscretions.”

one has to ask:

If claim is false, why would Dr. Ford be willing to involve FBI which could result in a felony for her if lying?

If claim is false, why is Kavanaugh, the President, and GOP Senators avoiding an investigation at all costs, having prepping/coaching session in the Whitehouse, and dismissing and in some cases attacking Dr. Ford?

this is a lifetime appointment to a position that should be held to the highest moral/ethical standard. it deserves its due diligence in investigating these allegations.

don’t be fooled. the underlying issue is power. this is all about power, fear of losing it, and desperation and hubris in retaining it. the original attack was about power, the patronizing dismissive words from the GOP Senators and some Evangelical leaders is about power, the death threats to Dr. Ford and her family are about power, and this is also about power in our government/in the Judiciary – power to promote an aggressive/oppressive power over others. and it is all violence in different forms.

there is good news though. power is temporary. this perversion of power will burn and engulf those who embrace it. life has a way of balancing. life needs healers and bearers of light. let’s be on the side of life. fight this aggressive perversion of power. this isn’t just about this situation. it’s all related. we need a sea change and shift in the power structure within this country. #VOTE these people out on November 6, 2018.

#KavanaughConfirmation #GOPSenate #power #dominance #violence #RiseUp

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