Medicine Buddha…

original Medicine Buddha Enso artwork for a dear friend. he’s been through a lot this past year, yet continues to bring so much happiness to others in his work.

i don’t usually show the stages of my artwork, but it’s kind of cool to look at the work in stages rather than just the finished product. “Jason” or in my spelling “Jaysen” comes from a Greek word that means “healer.” i keep that in my heart and strive to serve it. i’m no doctor, i don’t even play one on tv, but it is my goal in my art, my writing, and meditation instruction to serve that purpose as an offering.

may all of us find the healing we need, in heart, mind, and body. may we be held in openness and love, flowing in the rhythm and harmony of life.


#MedicineBuddha #healing #life #harmony #Zen #Buddhism #enso #JMWart

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