begin anew…

though what has been done cannot usually be undone either in action or in the ripples of consequence that may follow (karma), there is reason for hope. there is opportunity in every moment to plant new seeds, to offer new words and new actions, to begin anew.

with every breath, you and the present moment are reborn and can begin anew.

this is a core Buddhist practice. meditation practice is the embodiment of beginning anew. with our awareness resting on the breath in and out, we may find in short time our minds drifting off with thought, worry, or bliss. when we notice and become aware that we have left our bodies and breath, lost in any one of the myriad of thoughts that arise, we don’t berate or punish ourselves. we simply begin anew and place our awareness, our attention, our focus back on the breath as it comes in and as it goes out.

this isn’t just valuable training on the cushion, in meditation practice. this is valuable training for everyday life. our practice is a different kind of warriorship than we are used to. it is one that isn’t afraid of letting down the protections of resentment or bitterness, of fear or anger, one that has the courage to keep our hearts open and to begin anew.


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