healing and helping begins “here”…



not in our past. not in the future.

here, is where we have the opportunity to bear witness, to offer our attention and awareness, to offer our healing, our compassion and love.

there is so much power in the ability to be present with life as it is – all of it – the suffering and healing, the messiness and beauty.

and we all have this ability. in our innate goodness. it is written within the fabric of our hearts, each tender thread. each one alight with life, with love.

it is from this place of presence we can offer skillful words and action to stand up to cruelty and injustice, to offer healing to the wounded, light for the path, and bring benefit to the world around us.


#HereAndNow #presence #OpenHeart #suffering #healing #compassion #love #life #light #buddhanature #bodhicitta #bodhisattvas #enso #zen #buddhism #JMWart

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