meditation is a practice

coming back to reality ~

here i am.

this is my breath coming in

and going out.

this is my body aching or at rest.

hearing the sounds of this moment.

taking care of oneself in this reality ~

i feel my body. i feel any tension or pain.

i hold it with tenderness and breathe into it

and breathe out of it.

i hear the confusion in my mind.

thoughts racing nowhere.

i hold this feeling with understanding

and compassion.

letting go and coming back to my breath.

i hear the lovely sounds of life around me.

i am grateful and smile.

staying open to reality ~

my heart has the capacity to hold

the entire world and all of life.

my mind, the wisdom to let go.

i stay open to the present,

trusting life and my true nature,

trusting the capacity of my heart to

stay open and grow.

and in this space of understanding

and compassion

– in this openness –

i am able to be of benefit

to others’ well being

and their end to suffering

as well as my own.


#meditation #MeditationPractice #contemplation #mindfulness #zen #compassion #understanding #life #peace #breathing #service #presence #pain #tension #WellBeing #health

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