gun violence…

gun violence ENSO

of course there is a complexity to these mass killings.

motivation is a component that varies from shooter to shooter. mental health struggles may be a component. and another component – the elephant in the room – is our society’s tremendous inability to process and transform pain and suffering in a healthy way along with our delusion that we are somehow independent of each other rather than the reality that we are interdependent. but surely guns as weapons of choice are also a component. it takes minimal intelligence and awareness to recognize this.

yet, some people say this is not a gun issue. however, these men are choosing guns as their weapon for a reason – quick mass casualties. this makes these mass killings a gun issue.

it is horribly, tragically ironic that a culture identifying as pro life loves the right to own guns and their ability to kill, more than life.

if you want to offer prayer, please offer prayers for a change of heart and mindset, for a clarity of vision and then more importantly work for that change. put prayers for an end to this mass violence into some beneficial action.


#GunViolence #ProLife #TheLongArc #PlantingSeeds #LoveWins #interdependence #enso #JMWart


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