it has a name, and that name is assault…

Let us be clear about this. 
The uproar and controversy is not about Donald Trump using the word “pussy” and then simply needing to apologize for that. 
If this is not clear, I have an exercise that I would like you to try to assist in illuminating the real issue:
Picture a female person in your life. It could be your mom, an aunt, your daughter, your niece, a cousin, or a friend. The key is to start with someone that you care about, someone whose well-being is something that you care about. Now picture that person, this female relative or friend, standing in front of you. Now picture a man whom you may or may not know walking up, kissing her without her permission, and then taking his hand and putting it on her genitals. She has not asked for this, she has not given permission.
This is what Donald Trump says he can, and does do, because he is a star.
This is called assault. period.
Unless this is something that you want done to your daughter, your niece, or any other relative, or friend whom you care about, unless this is something you want done to any other female human being that someone else cares about, then I would think you would want to stand up against this type of behavior and language, with a raised voice and firm resolution, from the deepest place within your heart and bones.


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