we can do it…

Happy Independence Day USA!!
deeply aware and grateful for the good this country does do, the freedoms we do enjoy and the benefits of being its citizen, and in all the ways we can grow.  

the experiment is not over, but still calls to the heart of all who seek to do good within liberty and justice – especially in this current time when fear, anger and hostility seem so present.

deeply aware of our need to continue to grow in the direction of interdependence in regard to a world community increasingly connected and blended economically and socially, to an environment in desperate need of our caring attention and recognition of our shared future interest, to a shared humanity that values life, peace, kindness and compassion. so, in that spirit – Happy Interdependence Day!!
We can do it!!
#July4th #IndependenceDay #USA #Gratitude #WeCanDoIt #Interdependence #Community

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