out of balance…

out of balance…
after hearing the disappointing, though not surprising news that the Senate Republicans wouldn’t pass gun legislation that bans persons on the terrorist watchlist from buying weapons and expands background checks, even though the majority of their constituents are in favor of this commonsense legislation, i decided to take a brisk walk in 99° weather. 
is brisk the right adjective? 
just think if i had heard the news earlier in the day when it was 106°. looks like i dodged a…
the thing is, i have been reading articles and essays all week long both pro and con. i’ve sat with this all week long, really trying to be open and listen, meditating with it. i’m not one of those people that wants to force his views on other people. if that were the case, none of you would be eating meat and you would take time out of your day to hug a tree every once in a while. and although i don’t personally like guns, i understand that they have a use at times in the world that we live in. i do understand that some people still enjoy hunting, even if they need not do it. i understand that some people want to have a weapon to defend their home and their loved ones. i respect and defend that “right” even as i think the Second Amendment is poorly interpreted (where is this well regulated militia with their guns they have the right to bear?).
here’s the thing, though. no “right” is absolute. although i have the “right” to free speech i cannot defame someone or incite violence. and when a “right” falls out of balance, infringing upon the rights of others to a degree that is gross and negligent, and causing irrevocable harm or death – then things are out of balance. we are out of balance. and when we aren’t speaking about taking guns away, but simply asking that we keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them, but we cannot even come together on that and agree – then things are out of balance. we are out of balance.
there will always be people who are mentally ill, or who are hateful, or angry, or a terrorist. we cannot possibly stop, or heal every possible person who may commit such an act is what we have seen. but we can make it more difficult and we can withhold weapons that can do mass destruction, and cause mass casualties. my intelligence is insulted every time someone brings up the car analogy. cars were not built to kill. with proper training I could probably kill someone with the phone that I have in my hand (can someone show me how to do that? just kidding) but, the phone was not designed or created so that I can kill someone…thankfully, because i’d hate to break my vow of non-harming. you have no idea how many spiders i’ve caught and released.
some people say that none of this is the point. they claim it is a matter of principle. But if it is a matter of principle, even then, some principles outweigh others… how much do 49 lives weigh? or 26? or 14? Or the many others who will carry both physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives? 
we can’t even find out the weight, because Congress bowing to NRA pressure will not allow the CDC to study gun violence or gun death. i’m too lazy to study, let them study for me.
at some point we have to drop all of what we have created and remember what was here before us, before what we created. Life. that’s the principle that i intend to stand with. and fight for. out of love, with fierce compassion, i vow to promote life.
silly Buddhist. 

#GunViolence #GunLegislation #CommonSense #Orlando #Newtown #SanBernadino 

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