3. Forgiving

it has been near a week since i visited Henderson, Nevada visiting my dear friends, the Rubino family and nearly two weeks since their wife, mother, grandmother, and my friend Lori Rubino passed away after a long battle with cancer. i shared her blog, here, soon after that. i do hope you have had a chance to read through her remarkable, honest, raw, healing and beautiful words. i will be, as previously mentioned, reblogging some of Lori’s posts and today wanted to begin in a most healing place – Forgiving…
namaste ~j

One Toe Over the Line Sweet Mary

The perfect way to start over. To pull that big toe of mine back from hanging over the line, is to get a visit from my sisters, Chari and Pam, and my mom and dad. They flew in from Florida, Just to be with me.

I was already feeling grateful, and honored before they even landed.

Without the intention, without the premeditated plan, I am finding this to be a forgiving weekend. It is just happening. Unfolding all on its own. We read about how healing forgiveness is, but, rarely do we ever really forgive and let go. Well. At least, I haven’t. Even when the kids were little and we taught them to always apologize after a mishap, or argument, they learned to shy away their apologies to me. They knew that I would quickly say, “That’s okay, I forgive you.” Only, to be quickly followed up with a…

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