this shared Life…

flowers of gratitude

“Destiny itself is like a wonderful wide tapestry in which every thread is guided by an unspeakably tender hand, placed beside another thread, and held and carried by a hundred others.”
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

what have i done that i should wake with
breath filling my lungs?
what have i done that i should feel the
warm sun kiss my back,
the cool breeze tease across
my face?

what have i done that i my feet should
walk upon this earth and
feel its strong embrace,
holding each step?

what have i done to hear the
songs of birds or
see the dedicated work of
bees and ants?

to find comfort in
to dream in

what have i done to know friendship and

in the deepest places of my heart, that
it has no choice but
to sing its song to every cell in
this body

that too has been
this body

made of so many other little bodies in
this shared Life?

this shared Life.


it is all Gift.



November 28, 2013
Thanksgiving & Hanukkah

3 thoughts on “this shared Life…

  1. As I stepped off one of my flights yesterday and turned on my phone, these words popped up on my screen…and as I began to read, I immediately knew what was being said. I was familiar with these thoughts…I cannot say how often I ask myself, “what has made me worthy of this life?”

    You have a way of articulating, well, the universe… 🙂

    A beautiful passage Jaysen, and words reflecting a man who knows how to appreciate life. Thank you for sharing…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. i am grateful to receive these words from you. it was a wonderful surprise to see your name show up in my email. i miss you and hope you are very well and happy ~ j
      ps ~ i saw on FB that you were able to spend Thanksgiving with your family, wonderful picture of you all. grateful that happened 🙂

      1. It was a gift to be able to spend some rare moments with the whole family as I won’t be on the west coast for Christmas this year…

        Life continues to whirl on, and in moments I am able to remind myself to stop, breathe and enjoy perception…trying to train myself to do this more often… it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and to forget…

        I am grateful for the blasts you share with the online community, they are a reminder…you continue to be a great teacher for me…

        so much love,

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