every bush is burning…

dear ones…

once you have seen
the Divine

there is no going back

every bush is burning

the vast sea opens for you

birds sing with the voice
of a thousand angels

their song of Heaven

they bloom under your every step

all of nature holds court
bearing witness

to the beauty of such Love

to Life

and every heart is then
recognized as home to

The Beloved

by jaysen matthew waller
©2012, Jaysen Matthew Waller

5 thoughts on “every bush is burning…

    1. …i agree. it’s not a constant state of bliss. rather it feels like once it is experienced, it becomes the ground upon which we walk. once we see, hear, smell, feel what once seemed impossible – the Divine in front of us – the possibility is always there waiting to be resdiscovered. and there seems to be a part of us, a seed planted, that is forever changed by the experience of Love, of Life, of the Divinity, of what is Sacred…which is, incidentally, all things.

      thank you, dear Kalyanamitra. not only for years of friendship, but also engaging this blog with your thoughts. i value them and i am grateful for your participation. ~ j

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