thoughts on fidelity…

thoughts on fidelity…
by jaysen waller

…it seems to me, that if you are fortunate enough in this life to have even one person hand you their heart, allowing that vulnerability and choosing you and you in turn have accepted this gift, this offering, then hold it with the utmost care. with awareness, honor this heart laid bare. be of good character, acting with integrity and honesty. and when the relationship has found its conclusion, end it with tenderness and grace as you found it, before moving forward with another. such wounding can be so harmful and trust is incredibly difficult to regain…
…but then again, what do i know? i have yet to experience such a blessing in this life. perhaps the first heart that entwines with mine will find itself run over rather quickly. but if i do such a thing, please form a line and proceed to punch me in the stomach one by one, because i’m pretty sure this is what it feels like to be cheated on…

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