Even behind the darkest storm clouds
The stars still shine

Try to remember this

Even in your pain
In the numbness that blankets your days
In the loneliness that steals your nights

Promise me you will remember

That even as the Sun fades
The Moon still reflects the light
Of that most Ancient Love


That even as the Earth falls to sleep
Under Winter’s silent watch
This is not the end

This is only a moment in time
A space for rest
As Spring readies herself in all her beauty
Waiting to welcome you to wake

I know you feel frozen in time, dear one
Treading still waters
Tired, heavy, sinking

But please don’t forget
The sound of the waves

Remember their music

They sing to remind us
Nothing is permanent
Life is movement

And you are Life

They sing to us
The tide dancing in
The tide dancing out
Always flowing, always moving

You will wake
Rising from this nightmare
As you have time and time before

I promise

And don’t forget
Nightmares are simply
Friends in shadow
Manifesting, not to terrorize

But to teach
To grow our hearts in love
In compassion
In patience
In spaciousness

First, for yourself
And then, so wonderfully
So beautifully,
For the World

©2010, Jaysen Matthew Waller

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