sweet surrender…

my body weakened
wrapped in a swirl of blankets
who knew beds have arms?


mmmm.  being sick.  oh, i hesitate to even say “sick”.  it’s a cold, a summer cold.  i would say, “i’m under the weather.”  but in truth, when i am sick, i feel like i’m right, smack-dab, in the middle of the weather…not under it.

there is a part of me that enjoys being under the weather, though. 

it’s the part of me that realizes that pausing in life, that resting in life, is important.  it’s the part of me that realizes that, indeed, i cannot control or even really navigate that successfully through a life that is impermanent and ever-changing.  it’s the part of me that deep down, welcomes…surrender.

oh, don’t get me wrong.  well before the little buddha within can say, “yes.  surrender.  take this moment to just breathe”, the big Jaysen Ego steps forward and says, “you think you can take me, summer cold?  just try it.”

you see, there is a part of my ego that says – hey, you live a healthy lifestyle.  you are active.  you are a vegetarian.  you take a good multi-vitamin (it’s called Alive! in case you wanted to know…available at Henry’s).  you meditate and try to live in Love.  so surely you can avoid this silly sickness that seems to be wreaking havoc on those around you – it is in these moments that i very conveniently forget what The Buddha taught…none of us can escape aging, illness and death.

but in a single moment, i knew i was doomed.  it was when my buddha-bro and soul-friend, Trevor got sick.  you see, whatever i’ve gained in physical or spiritual health, i’m pretty sure Trevor got there first and is a few levels above me.  although he’s younger (which has it’s own benefits) he’s done this longer…and by longer, i’m pretty sure i’m speaking about lifetimes.  and it doesn’t help that other friends often say that we are like twin-souls or that we are like the same person…

…so when he got sick, i knew it was coming for me.  no running, no escape.

and it hit.  hard enough to send me home from work.  hard enough for me to ignore the many things i thought i needed, or wanted to do.  hard enough for me to let go and go to bed.  hard enough for me to…surrender.

and you know what?

it felt good.

peace and love, my friends…

~ j

One thought on “sweet surrender…

  1. I am definitely of the mind that if we don’t give our bodies the rest they deserve… they have no choice but to FORCE us to rest. I guess each time we’re on our arses sick, it’s an opportunity to remember to pay closer attention the next time our bodies attempt to give us little warnings… the body’s equivilent of smoke signals, morse code, WWII cricket chirpy things, flares, etc.

    But ALSO, as a society we don’t allow preventative health days. You can’t very well go to your boss and say you have an inkling that possibly, in the near future, you may be getting sick, so you better go home to rest. They’d be like, “Waller! In your cape! Get your hand in that puppet, on the double! Cause it would mean having to find someone to cover your shift, yadda yadda yadda, and frankly, it’s too much work.

    So that’s when you Ferris Bueller it and TAKE your day.


    Hope you’re feeling better!! xoxo

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