this exquisite passing life…


this exquisite passing life.  bows of gratitude…

“It is the radical transience of the world that makes it both tragic and beautiful, like the cherry blossom in Japanese aesthetics. The tragedy is that nothing actually exists; it is all passing away the instant it forms. The beauty is that we have the means to be aware of this, a moment to know the profound poignancy of this tiny corner of reality.”

~ Andrew Olendzki



if what is presented in Buddhism -that we are interconnected and all things are impermanent and changing – is indeed true, then our most grateful and honorable response is to aspire to and practice toward authentic engagement with life. in other words…Presence. to be Present, we can practice a most beneficial skill…Listening. and the first step toward skillful listening is to stop talking.
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Still Life…

Still Life


“Life is precious and fleeting. Pay attention.”
~ Seido Ray Ronei


“Still Life”

this moment to breathe
when all soon will fade away
feel the sun and wind

this moment to love
when all soon will fade away
keep open, in haste

this moment to live
when all soon will fade away
death, there is no end

moment by moment
this moment is all there is
do not, do not waste!

 ~ j