there is always Light…

sitting with stars 2016

when the narrative is dark and foreboding, when the banner of fear is waved gathering the masses under it, and what is said divides us, denying our interdependence – look to nature to regain your balance. sit with her, resting in her silence, aligning yourself with the Way, and remember there is always Light.

sitting with stars…
when you miss the Sun

look to the Moon
when you miss the Moon

then you shall see
all of the suns

have come out to play

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it is good…

beneath this blanket
of night

below countless suns
i stand in your Presence


we arrive
meeting, perhaps
as we always

in Love

filled with Life
i stand

knowing nothing

in perfect stillness
in a harmonic dance
with Peace

and my voice
joins with Yours
as we sing

“it is good”