i fade away…


it seems
that every morning a
waits, ready to
pick anew my wounded heart

i suppose i should thank it
and call it “friend”
keeping me from
closing up…
or off

to see you, the one, arrive each day
as two
brings the hurt back
even knowing you are not
mine to keep – to hold onto

this jealousy
as if there is such a thing
as “mine”
so ridiculous and seductive
the ego’s grasping

a whirling balloon on
restless wind
an uncaptained boat on
a raging sea

i cling to the Dharma

all will change
all will fade away
and yet in some way…
continue on

dying to my self
my ideas – my dreams
nothing to own – nothing to hold
of you and me
i fade

a lonely road
paved with wounds
watered with tears
tears giving life
sprouts of hope

a hope for a love complete
whatever that is…
i don’t know
i only know to hope for it
even as i know to breathe

even now
i hold you in my heart
so be well, dear friend
so be happy, dear love
and be at peace

for in my heart
you will remain
even as i fade away
and yet
continue on in some other way…