may all beingsand all life, in every direction

be happy, be peaceful

and at ease
may we be free

free from fear

from anger

from delusion

from attachment
may we be free

from suffering
#metta #lovingkindness #meditation #mantra #prayer

awake in the world…

dirty nails

awake in the world
what is this meditation?
dirt beneath these nails


December 31, 2013


solitary enlightenment is darkness
and being awake when others are asleep is a nightmare for the Heart of Love
meditation, contemplation, and prayer are all good
but to Love is to get one’s hands dirty
working for the benefit of all beings
off the mat and into the world, as it is said
this is the path of the Bodhisattva, this is the journey of a Warrior for Love


Love’s garden…

the other day
eyes to heaven
lamenting to my Beloved

“why haven’t i someone
to share my life?”

Love answered,
“have not you Love?”

“in abundance!” i replied,
“can’t you see
my heart spills over
in tears?”

“ah…yes, I see.”
in tenderness Love
“far too much for
one person…
you shall feed the world
with your Love.”

so, i went deep into
my garden
to plant more seeds
pray for rain