how shall we proceed?



a focus on process is more important than a focus on outcome. how we do things now, creates the future.
how shall we proceed? with presence, with patience, with kindness and tenderness? with compassion and generosity, with peacefulness, nonaggression and nonviolence?
will we live with and move forward with the embodiment of all we hold as principled, ethical and moral, allowing the light of love to lead the way?
or will we live in the heat of our passion and emotion? reacting rather than acting? responding to that impulse to right the wrong or perceived wrong in this moment right away without awareness, thoughtfulness, and skill?
it’s an important question we have available to us and can ask ourselves. our answer will not only affect ourselves, those close to us, and our immediate environment, but may very well have a ripple effect influencing the entire world through generations to come.

just This…


is it possible for us to find happiness with just this?

with just this moment as it is?
with its frailty, its delicate and persistent heartache?
with its sadness and weight?
can i see also resilient beauty hiding in forms masked?
can i hear music that speaks of Love as no word can?
can i see life in death and wholeness in what otherwise feels broken and sick?

is it possible for me to find happiness with just this?

this is the beginning of our practice

this is our path