all shall be well…



November 14, 2013

i look outside and see beautiful yellowed green trees gently dancing with the breeze
i see rugged brown mountains dotted with rock, standing still, standing strong
i see a vast blue sky almost glowing vibrant with possibility
nature, once again, stands hand in hand reminding us what is always
nature doesn’t hold, it let’s go and just flows
if that is not grace, i don’t know what is

“all shall be well…”

~ j


*“all shall be well…” is a celebrated phrase of the 14th Century Christian Mystic, Julian of Norwich, from her collection of “Showings”

i have seen God everywhere…

i have seen God everywhere

in trees, dancing with wind that whispers and roars
in the eyes of my friends, and in waves crashing on shores

where there was once a single flame, i now see Rising Sun
where there was once morning dew, i see an Ocean of One

where can my heart hide from The Beloved?

by jaysen matthew waller
©2012, Jaysen Matthew Waller