we have enough…

Thich Nhat Hanh calligraphy

can we find happiness, here in this moment?if not here and now, then when?
this underlying dissatisfaction and dis-ease is at the heart of Buddhism’s First Noble Truth, that life is suffering.
not that life is itself some horrible or tragic thing, not at all. our suffering partly comes from attaching ourselves to things, people and life as if these things won’t change or pass away in a world where all things change and pass away. and our suffering also comes from a desire that we must have things a certain way or that we must have more in order to be happy, to have happiness.

and yes, we have goals and dreams and these can be great motivators and they can bring benefit and happiness to ourselves and others.
but can we be happy in this moment, even while we journey towards those goals and dreams? 
can we be happy in this moment if they don’t happen or happen the way we thought they would?

can we be happy with just what is, here and now?
this is a struggle in western culture, in a culture of want, driven by attainment of things, people, and status. 
we have enough.
the Thich Nhat Hanh calligraphy and the quote below remind us that we can have happiness right now, here where we are at. 

there is abundance.
“I see a fearless generosity in the flowers and trees, in the way birds sing out at dawn, in the steady drumming of the rain. As I grew older and found I had things to protect, I forgot. I completely forgot that I had always had enough in the first place. Now I am trying to learn this once again—total abundance, nothing begrudged.”

~ Sallie Tisdale
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it’s just one breath…


hello friends!
for those who may not know already, i’m participating in Sharon Salzberg’s 28 Day Meditation program, Real Happiness. it is free and beneficial to those just starting their meditation practice and also for those of us who have been meditating but can use a nice refresher or perhaps a refining of skillfulness in our practice (that’s me for sure!)
today’s meditation focus was Hearing Meditation. i probably won’t write on this meditation challenge daily due to other commitments and lack of time, but I wanted to share a phrase that came up in yesterday’s guided meditation (Breathing Meditation), the first day of the challenge. i keep coming back to Sharon’s wonderful phrase in the meditation, “It’s just one breath.”
breath by breath we build a practice.
i think it so perfectly and beautifully describes the grace of this practice. what a wonderful mantra to hold in our hearts and share. I came back to the phrase again last night and was inspired to paint an Enso with the phrase.
if you wish to participate in the Real Happiness 28 Day Meditation Challenge, you can still sign up until February 6th! just go to Sharon’s website, www.sharonsalzberg.com
wishing you wellness and happiness on this journey!

February 2nd 2016

just This…


is it possible for us to find happiness with just this?

with just this moment as it is?
with its frailty, its delicate and persistent heartache?
with its sadness and weight?
can i see also resilient beauty hiding in forms masked?
can i hear music that speaks of Love as no word can?
can i see life in death and wholeness in what otherwise feels broken and sick?

is it possible for me to find happiness with just this?

this is the beginning of our practice

this is our path


as a people imbued with Life…

Tuesday, November 6th 2012

though i am grateful
may i listen to the voice of others…

as a people imbued with Life…

may we be free from fear and anger
free from aggression or despair

may we be free from all negativity
with hearts continually opening to compassion
that we may be filled with kindness
and generous in our love

may we all be happy
and peaceful
and free from suffering

~ j


…i just heard an ad that said, “Eighty percent of feeling good is looking good”…hint hint – so buy our product.


good luck with that.

when it fails, i’ll be here ready to share a Treasure that has no need to be sold…