the world is burning…

no doubt humankind has contributed to climate change. to deny this is to deny the very nature of life, of existence, which is to say that all things are interconnected and interdependent.  another way to say this is that our actions affect our environment and our environment in turn affects us.  this is the law of karma, of cause and effect.  the seeds we plant, will grow.

but nevertheless, if a house is burning, we don’t stand around arguing that neither we nor anyone we know has started the fire as the house burns around us. it would be insanity to do so. instead, we get to work on putting the fire out.
the world is burning.

can we break our addiction to consumption?
can we find the lasting joy and peace in contentment?
can we reconnect with a sense of reverence for all life including the planet herself?

we need to. we are being called to.

will we answer?


Planetary, the film…


in honor of Earth Day and in celebration of this beautiful gift that is this planet I watched (and subsequently purchased) this exquisite movie and wholeheartedly recommend that watch it. you can rent rather than purchase 🙂

namaste ~j

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choosing wisdom…

casting shadows, JMW 2012
casting shadows, JMW 2012


In all likelihood, the environmental crises we will encounter in the coming decades and probably centuries will bring great upheavals and immense suffering. It is all so hard to wrap one’s mind around because the problem is unprecedented in magnitude. At the same time, we have the whole history of human wisdom to draw upon in making our choices and taking action. The defining question of our age will be how we meet the calamities we will face, and how we will act to mitigate them and find our virtue in confronting them. The stakes couldn’t be higher, yet as human beings, we are not only expert in creating misery, we are also expert in working to resolve it. Both legacies, and the ability to choose which to follow, belong to us.

– James Shaheen, “Choosing Wisdom in the Face of Peril”

act in faith, act with love…

two quotes to inspire, when times seem dark, when our faith wanes and what we can do, feels like too little…

“You’re not allowed to lose faith. You’re not allowed to lose hope on behalf of all people who are suffering around the world”.
~ Jane Goodall

“My advice for people is to love the world they are in, in whatever way makes sense to them. It may be devotional practice, it may be song or poetry, it may be by gardening, it may be as an activist, scientist, or community leader. The path to restoration extends from our heart to the heart of sentient beings, and that path will be different for every person.”
~ Paul Hawken

Love can be found anywhere…
little heart in palmact in faith, act with love…
wishing you happiness and peace as we practice, in faith, this love together

one earth, one sangha…

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hello dear friends ~

please check out One Earth Sangha and read about their post The Earth as Witness: International Dharma Teachers’ Statement on Climate Change.  if this speaks to you, please sign as either a Dharma Teacher or Sangha Member.  if you do not belong to a sangha, you can still provide your name, email and where you are from.

here touching the Earth
awakening to Her breath
there is no other

January 22, 2014