Love knows only Love…

i came across this poem earlier today after having read some of Jack Kornfield’s book, The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace

in it he writes:

There are also more subtle enemies of love.  These imitations of love are attachment and expectation…When attachment arises in the place of love, it sees the other as separate; it grasps and needs.  Attachment is conditional; it seeks control and fears loss.  Ask your heart if attachment has replaced love.  If we speak to our heart, it will always tell us the truth…Expectation is another imitation of love…Attachment to our hopes and desires, to our subtle expectations destroys the tender space of love.  Even the most benevolent expectations can feel like pressure and judgment to another…Love is generous without need.  It is fulfilling in itself.  It is courageous.  Love offers kindness with no requirement in return.

attachment and expectation smother love.

but to love without seeking reciprocation? 

no wonder it is called the “narrow road”.  loving truly and purely, selflessly…well, it’s difficult and painful…and sadly – but not surprisingly –  it is the road less travelled.  at some level i know this, as evidenced by the poem i wrote below for a friend who was struggling with this.  but it is something that is a struggle for me as well and something i have to continually revisit in meditation and in life with all of my relationships – especially those closest to my heart.

here is the poem…

Love Knows Only Love

of my heart

are there any rules
with Love?

only this…

when the earth is thirsty
Love’s rain falls

when she is cold
Love’s warmth rises


in the early hours, it rises
to greet her


before she wakes
to remind her that

Love knows only Love


…may your path continue to lead you away from imitations of love and into the light of True Love.  this is my wish for myself and for all of you, my friends.

~ j