we could all benefit from better listening. listening, is an undervalued quality and skill. I think, especially in an era where everything is so fast moving and immediate.

true listening, conscious listening, is an act of patience, an act of openness, and an act of generosity.

true listening is also an act of letting go and allowance. it involves releasing our own agenda, and truly listening to what is being said, what we are hearing.

our participation is one of silence, which is something most of us seem uncomfortable with. but, if we are willing to be curious – to be open, then when we truly listen, we learn new things and we grow, and our awareness is heightened.

true listening it’s not just with the ears, it is also with the heart.


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have some tea and be on your way…

in the Buddhism there is a tradition of inviting our fears to tea. listen to them with understanding and compassion, with gentleness, with tender-heartedness. they might have something important to say!this takes bravery, but they can be our hidden teachers. 

and then, send them on their way.
invite them to tea, 

but not to stay 😌🙏🏻
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if what is presented in Buddhism -that we are interconnected and all things are impermanent and changing – is indeed true, then our most grateful and honorable response is to aspire to and practice toward authentic engagement with life. in other words…Presence. to be Present, we can practice a most beneficial skill…Listening. and the first step toward skillful listening is to stop talking.
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meditation is a practice…


meditation is a practice

coming back to reality ~
here i am. 

this is my breath coming in 

and going out.

this is my body aching or at rest.
hearing the sounds of this moment.

taking care of oneself in this reality ~
i feel my body. i feel any tension or pain.

i hold it with tenderness and breathe into it
and breathe out of it. 
i hear the confusion in my mind.
thoughts racing nowhere.
i hold this feeling with understanding
and compassion.
letting go and coming back to my breath. 
i hear the lovely sounds of life around me.
i am grateful and smile.

staying open to reality ~
my heart has the capacity to hold 

the entire world and all of life.
my mind, the wisdom to let go. 
i stay open to the present, 
trusting life and my true nature, 
trusting the capacity of my heart to 
stay open and grow.  
and in this space of understanding 
and compassion 
– in this openness – 
i am able to be of benefit 
to others’ well being 
and their end to suffering 
as well as my own.


carry the Lamp of Love…

candle light
slowly and steadily, with an open and steadfast heart,
carry the Lamp of Love.
even while chaos storms around you,
ground yourself in your breath – your true home.
touch nature. be still and listen.
then in your peace, your kindness, and your compassion
you will shine bright as a beacon.
and the world will wonder why it ever chose
to do anything other than
love love love.
~ j