Thank you for the laughs, Barry Humphries 🙏🏻

Barry Humphries, Australian actor and comedian of stage, screen, and television (aka @dameednaeverage) has died. Tony Award winner Humphries, at 89 years old, was still touring this last year of his life. 

although he had other memorable characters that poked fun at the elite and powerful, both in the characters played and in what they said, it is Dame Edna who stole the show for me and so many others. sometimes cutting, sometimes naughty, often politically incorrect – on purpose as a

commentary, and always hilarious.

in a time when Drag is being dragged and targeted, it can be a good reminder that Barry Humphries played drag to great success and popularity for 70 years internationally with great hilarity and joy for audiences.  Dame Edna always cracks me up.

Barry Humphries is survived by his wife, his children, grandchildren, and millions of adoring fans. may his travels ahead be held in love and may he rest in peace. i’m so grateful for his life.

if you’re familiar with this great entertainer, you’ve been blessed. if not, do yourself a favor and head over to YouTube and watch the tributes, the interviews and show clips. you’ll be glad you did.

i’ve also included a link to a short video of select clips here:



#BarryHumphries #DameEdna

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