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hello friends!

if you find benefit or enjoy my content, whether it be my art, writing, meditation tips, etc. please consider becoming a Patreon contributor for as little as $3/month. there are 7 tiers with various – hopefully beneficial – rewards. in addition to tier rewards, Patreon contributors also occasionally and exclusively receive high quality digital prints of my art work for free as well.

i’m currently a full-time caregiver for my dad with his Parkinson’s/Lewy Body Dementia, leaving no time to work outside the home, so the means listed above are my sole way of making my bills (spoiler: i’m not making my bills).

HUGE gratitude for all who have been supporting already or have bought art or have attended class. it has truly been helpful and i’m so grateful!


the content i create and offer will continue to flow regardless, but if you’re able to help support, it’s greatly appreciated. in either case, i hope my art, meditation tips, shared quotes, thoughts, etc are beneficial to you!

AND if you’d like to learn meditation or practice meditation with me, i sit every weekend on Zoom for Self-Care Saturdays & Sundays at 10am PT, offering a 1 HR group class for free or by donation. $10 is the suggested amount.

ALSO if interested, you can purchase various artwork prints or on products at my Redbubble store or message for commissioned work.

*all links can be found at:

thanks and wishing everyone health and happiness!



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