Upcoming classes 💫🙏🏻

meditation practice is an opportunity to come home to ourselves, to stop, to sit and breathe. something so simple and basic, yet profound in its ability to bring clarity, build resilience, and stabilize – all traits we can benefit from in a world and life of constant movement, demands, and change. 🧘🏼‍♂️
meditation practice can increase our capacity of heart and spaciousness of mind to be with life as it is in this moment, as we are, with attention and awareness. it can be a gift we give ourselves and can be our companion on this journey.💫
join me this coming weekend for Self-Care Saturdays & Sundays, both at 9am PT. no previous experience necessary, just a willingness to work with your mind and give yourself the gift of time and space. instructions and guidance will be given.✨
Links below 👍🏻
For Saturday 2/12:

For Sunday 2/13:

hope to see you there!


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