window to love

sometimes it is just enough to know you have the capacity to love,
to be moved by someone, to feel.
even that can be a window to the deeper love.
the love that carries us all.

may you know that you are worthy of such love
and that your love is a gift to this world.
you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t.


beauty is waiting, love is calling…

tibetan prayer flags


the thing is, around every corner beauty is waiting to be seen,
anxiously calling our attention.

and love.
love is calling to be held close and to be given away.

beauty and love.

sometimes they are disguised as the wind dancing through and with the
willing, swaying trees.
sometimes they are disguised as the little ants working together in
purpose or in laughter from a good joke, or the taste of your favorite
food, or the look in your beloved’s eyes.
sometimes they are hidden in struggle and grief, pain and loss.

but they are always present.

can we see the beauty in our broken moments?
can we hold ourselves with love?

sometimes the beauty we find and the love we discover are in how we
respond to life.

we have the capacity of heart to respond to life with openness, with a
spacious quality that allows.  love allows.

so we still ourselves.
becoming aware of our breath.
we listen with fresh ears.
we look deeply.
and we stay open.

everything is a miracle, every moment sacred.


choosing wisdom…

casting shadows, JMW 2012
casting shadows, JMW 2012


In all likelihood, the environmental crises we will encounter in the coming decades and probably centuries will bring great upheavals and immense suffering. It is all so hard to wrap one’s mind around because the problem is unprecedented in magnitude. At the same time, we have the whole history of human wisdom to draw upon in making our choices and taking action. The defining question of our age will be how we meet the calamities we will face, and how we will act to mitigate them and find our virtue in confronting them. The stakes couldn’t be higher, yet as human beings, we are not only expert in creating misery, we are also expert in working to resolve it. Both legacies, and the ability to choose which to follow, belong to us.

- James Shaheen, “Choosing Wisdom in the Face of Peril”

3. Forgiving


it has been near a week since i visited Henderson, Nevada visiting my dear friends, the Rubino family and nearly two weeks since their wife, mother, grandmother, and my friend Lori Rubino passed away after a long battle with cancer. i shared her blog, here, soon after that. i do hope you have had a chance to read through her remarkable, honest, raw, healing and beautiful words. i will be, as previously mentioned, reblogging some of Lori’s posts and today wanted to begin in a most healing place – Forgiving…
namaste ~j

Originally posted on One Toe Over the Line Sweet Mary:

The perfect way to start over. To pull that big toe of mine back from hanging over the line, is to get a visit from my sisters, Chari and Pam, and my mom and dad. They flew in from Florida, Just to be with me.

I was already feeling grateful, and honored before they even landed.

Without the intention, without the premeditated plan, I am finding this to be a forgiving weekend. It is just happening. Unfolding all on its own. We read about how healing forgiveness is, but, rarely do we ever really forgive and let go. Well. At least, I haven’t. Even when the kids were little and we taught them to always apologize after a mishap, or argument, they learned to shy away their apologies to me. They knew that I would quickly say, “That’s okay, I forgive you.” Only, to be quickly followed up with a…

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