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there is a different kind of warriorship that we can participate in.
one that is not about being aggressive or violent.
one that is about being brave enough to not use aggression, to not succumb to fear, and to not become anxious…
choosing not to add to the fear and not to add to the aggression in the world, and choosing not to engage in cynicism…
it is a decision made moment by moment, choice by choice.
this is what it means to be a spiritual warrior, a warrior of and for peace.
this is what it is to serve Love.


“There are people who advocate and practice compassionate listening, there are those who embrace voluntary simplicity, who remove the calluses from their hearts and keep them open to feel the pains of others. Seek them out, I urge you, and join them in their compassion.”
~ Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalom

you, wayfarer…

solitary beach



have traveled so far

journeyed long

you arrived to this place
to be


who are you ?


blood moon ENSO large

so full
so bright

she carries all of our sadness,
yet shines

Oh! to be luminous like the Moon!


just give Love…


repost from 08.02.2014 :)

Originally posted on The Metta Garden:

Give Love

whether or not

the noise fades

or the ego does

or doesn’t
lose its hold

just give Love

whether or not

the sun breaks through

or          it doesn’t

and you can’t help
but fold

just give Love

as it has been freely given

freely give

as it is the Source of Life

in loving          you fully live

give Love

~ j

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stay open ~ Enso…

stay open ENSO

this ENSO 2

carry the Lamp of Love…

Originally posted on The Metta Garden:

candle light
slowly and steadily, with an open and steadfast heart,
carry the Lamp of Love.
even while chaos storms around you,
ground yourself in your breath – your true home.
touch nature. be still and listen.
then in your peace, your kindness, and your compassion
you will shine bright as a beacon.
and the world will wonder why it ever chose
to do anything other than
love love love.
~ j

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Still Life…


…revisiting. with each new moment, everything is anew and met again, and again.

Originally posted on The Metta Garden:

Still Life

“Life is precious and fleeting. Pay attention.”
~ Seido Ray Ronei

“Still Life”

this moment to breathe
when all soon will fade away
feel the sun and wind

this moment to love
when all soon will fade away
keep open, in haste

this moment to live
when all soon will fade away
death, there is no end

moment by moment
this moment is all there is
do not, do not waste!

 ~ j

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support networks…


after participating in the second year of a fundraising event this past weekend, grown out of the desire to help a friend last year in his battle with cancer, i was reminded of the importance of friendship along this journey – the importance of community, or Sangha. here is a blog i wrote nearly two years ago on the subject in participation with some other blogging friends for what we called at that time – Solidarity Thursdays. peace ~j

Originally posted on The Metta Garden:

Solidarity Thursday
Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today’s Solidarity Thursday blogging topic is “support networks”…which like most things for me, I see through a particularly spiritual lens. This is not to say that this lens is sans practicality. From my perspective spirituality is best when it is practical. It is not just sitting on a cushion or attending Sunday services. Spirituality IS feeding the poor, visiting the prisoner, working for peace, opening our door to our neighbor, and greeting the person working behind the counter with a smile and an open heart. It doesn’t seem to matter much if we can answer the big questions like – Why am I here? Is there life after death? Is there a God?” – if we are unable to feed the hungry next door, or properly take care of the earth, or even find peace in this moment. Perhaps they all go hand in…

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